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QuanteQ Solutions Ltd


A specialist supplier of machines for making industrial diamond tools and the key consumable materials 


                                             Precision machining of mirrors with single crystal diamond tools

In particular we can supply:

    • Machines for making diamond, PCD & PcBN tools
    • Machines for brazing single crystals of diamond
    • Lasers for cutting natural and synthetic diamond, PCD & PcBN
    • Grinding wheels for PCD, PcBN
    • Bruting stones for gem diamonds (DIAKISS)
    • Equipment for making electro-plated tools

We are an authorized agent for the manufacturers of these products in a number of countries. We focus on clients based in:

    • India
    • Singapore
    • UK.

QuanteQ Solutions can provide:

    • Manual & CNC grinding machines for PCD & PcBN tool production
    • Dry laser cutting machines for polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and PcBN
    • Wet laser cutting machines for single crystal diamond and CVD diamond
    • Benches and spindles for gem diamond polishing
    • Vitrified bond grinding wheels for PCD & PcBN
    • Equipment for making electro-plated diamond tools
    • Consumable items such as
      • active braze alloys for single crystals of diamond
      • molybdenum bars and rods for use as substrates in making single crystal diamond or MONO diamond tools
      • DIAKISS PCD bruting stones for gem diamond
    • Contacts in the industry

Our head office is in the UK, we also have offices in Thailand and Singapore.


The proprietor, Dr Peter Heath C.Eng., MIMMM, has over 35 years experience in the industry and a deep global network of contacts and industry knowledge.

Contact us with no obligation:
Peter Heath -

Tel: +44 (0) 1452 810705
Surachai Chatsirinoppakun
Tel: +66 8 1836 5999
We can communicate in English, Thai or Chinese.