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Gem Diamond Scaife Spindles
Coborn Engineering have an enviable reputation in the world of gem diamond polishing for producing extremely high quality scaife spindles. 

Air-flow Scaife Spindles

A Coborn spindle (sometimes called a "motor") is a precision machine designed especially for gem diamond polishing. 

Coborn spindles show extreme stability (freedom from vibration) and extremely long life. Once you have tried a Coborn spindle you will understand why they are the spindle of choice for the professional gem diamond polisher.

If required, you can fit a Coborn airflow spindle to your own bench. 

The Coborn air-flow spindle is fitted with a bowl which seals to the underside of the work bench. In use, the high rotational speed of the scaife plate, draws air and polishing debris into the bowl beneath the bench top and then to a filter unit (details on request) or to another extraction system. 

The air-flow scaife ensures a clean and safe environment for the operator.

The spindles can be a fixed height type or height adjustable. The height is adjusted using the black knobs shown on the collar. The working height of the plate can thus be set/re-set to the required height after the worn plate has been machined. Fixtures then do not need to be adjusted.
Standard Scaife Spindles

Standard scaife spindles are also available without the air-flow bowl. Again they can be supplied with height adjustment if required.
Power can be either 1.1kW or 2.2kW. 

                                    Contact for further details.