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Grinding wheels for Coborn PG Machines for SCD tools
The PG3 and PG3B planetary grinding machines for single crystal diamond grinding use metal bonded wheels. 
These wheels are called 'SAM' wheels and are made to a very high specification so that they are pore free and with uniform diamond distribution.
Wheel grades
Diamond grit sizes available are:
     SAM 800# (mesh)
     SAM 2000#
     SAM 2500#
Wheels are supplied ground flat but they must be worked to produce the very smooth finish required to produce 'perfect' tool edges. This working in process can take many, many hours.
Dynamic Balancing

It is best if wheels are supplied mounted onto the necessary wheel arbour. You can buy the wheel on a new arbour or supply a used arbour. The new wheel can then be mounted on your arbour and then the wheel/arbour assembly can be dynamically balanced and returned to you.

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