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Rebuilt v. Refurbished v. 'As Seen'
What do these terms mean:
Rebuilding - The machine is totaly stripped down to its orginal castings.  Each component is cleaned, inspected and, if it still meets specifications, re-used. All bearings are replaced with new as are seals and electrics where required. New, modern control systems may be fitted.  The machine will be re-painted. The machine will look like and function as a new machine.  The machine can be given a full warranty if the work is done by the orginal machine manufacturer.  Normally, all Coborn grinding machines are totally re-built.
Refurbished - the machine is given a thorough service and any problems such as significantly worn bearings, seals or components are replaced.  The machine is not re-painted.  The original control system will be re-used. The warranty is retricted.
"As Seen" - The buyer is responsible for checking the machine before purchase.  There will be no warranty.  Normally, when a toolmaker sell his machine to another toolmaker, the machine is sold 'as seen'.
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