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Machines for Grinding PCD & PcBN
PCD and PcBN are some of the hardest materials know. To grind these successfully, a diamond grinding wheel is required and it must be applied with a high grinding force. 

A conventional tool and cutter grinder, as one would use for carbide grinding, cannot be used as the forces when grinding PCD are too high. All that happens is that the wheel rubs the diamond and does not grind. 

Both manual and CNC PCD grinding machines are available. 

The RG5B-XD is a manual machine and is the latest in a very successful line of RG machines made by Coborn Engineering Co Ltd in the UK. Coborn have a long history of making machines for the diamond industry and were, perhaps, the first company to develop a grinding machine soon after PCD was invented by General Electric in the mid 1970's. 

Coborn also make a CNC PCD/PcBN grinder called the RG9. Both are unique in terms of their design which imparts extreme strength and rigidity. 


This is a described by Coborn Engineering as a manual machine - but actually it is semi-automatic. Many parameters such as wheel speed, wheel position and wheel stroke are set up on the touch screen and saved to memory on the machine's internal PC. Grinding a tool is simple - the operator calls up each block in turn as he works through the facets of the tool and the radii required. More information... 

This is the CNC version - and what a machine! You really need to see this machine to appreciate all its features and benefits. The machine is designed for serious production grinding of single and multiple tipped PCD & PcBN tools. It can be fitted with a robot for fully automatic loading and unloading. More information... 

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