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High Speed Brazing Machine

This machine can be used for brazing both PCD/PcBN tips to tool bodies or MONO/SCD.


The machine is fully automatic and once loaded the cycle time is approximately 30 minutes.


For PCD/PcBN brazing, the machine can be loaded with, for example,


DNGA150604    ≈ 40 each
VBGW160404   ≈ 40 each
DCGW11T302   ≈ 75  each
VCGW110302   ≈ 120 each

DCGW 070202  ≈ 150 each


The working volume of the chamber is 150mm diameter x 100mm high.


The machine uses braze paste and the assembled tools need to be first dried in an oven.  


For further details contact:


                                    Contact for further details.