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Grinding wheels for PCD/PcBN
The most common wheel shape used for grinding PCD is 6A2. Different wheel widths (W) are available for different situations.  Normally the wheel height (X) is 10mm or some suppliers offer 9mm.

On the Coborn RG5B-XD and RG9 machines, the wheels are mounted on a wheel arbor which in turn mounts onto the taper of the spindle nose.  Other machine manufacturers require the wheel to have 2 or 4 fixing bolts in which case the wheels can be supplied ready drilled. The arbor system is preferred as it allows wheels to be changed more quickly, easily and accurately.


6A2 wheel on a machine

 6A2 wheel as supplied

Vitrified bond wheels for PCD

Most tool makers use vitrified bond wheels for grinding PCD. There are many vitrified bond wheel suppliers around the world and which is best for your situation can only be determined by testing.

Some people need high grinding rates - others want the very best edge quality.

Of course, finer diamond in the wheel will give a finer edge but the wheel must also be free-cutting. To much diamond in the wheel can give glazing and the wheel stops cutting, too little and it wears rapidly. 

The wheel must also wear uniformly throughout its depth.


LION wheels for PCD

Each wheel is supplied well packed and complete with a specially formulated dressing stick.


All wheels are supplied with 4 @ 6mm diameter fixing holes as standard and dynamically balanced. Stocks are held in UK and Thailand.


All 6A2 wheels are 150mm diameter, 40mm total height and have a 40mm bore. 


Standrad wheel widths are :

3, 5, 10, 15 and 20mm


Diamond grit sizes are :

D2, D4, D6, D10, D16, D20, D25, D46, D64


                                    Contact for further details.