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FG1 Diamond Form Grinder
Single crystal diamond form tools are used extensively in industries such as the watch & jewellery industries and more recently the electronics industry. The range of possible tool shapes is immense and most tools are custom made for each application. Both concave and convex profiles are common as well as straight facet tools.

The FG1 form grinder is designed to plunge grind these forms and to create the necessary individual side and front clearances. The FG1 shown below is fitted with a camera/vision system. The machine can also be supplied with a conventional projector or a microscope
FG 1 - Form Grinder
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The tool post sits on a 'floating table" running on linear bearings.  The tool post is pulled into the wheel (not shown above) by a dead weight suspended below the machine.  This is the same system as used on the PG planetary grinding machines.
The wheel spindle motor is 0.75kW and, via an inverter, gives 500-3,000 rpm. The tool holder is multi-adjustable and allows
  • front clearance +/- 20 degrees
  • side clearance +/- 20 degrees
  • pivot (flank) positioning +/- 30 degrees
  • lateral fine adjustment. height adjustment +/- 10mm

The floating table has

  • coarse and fine feed stop settings
  • over the range 0-25mm
  • 0.01mm divisions on scale

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