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Electro-Plating Plant

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems can be designed for making electro-plated diamond tools. Each plant is custom made to meet each customer's requirements. The necessary know-how is also introduced. 
Plant for diamond electro-plating



The range of possible tools which can be made is immense: examples are:

Tool examples



  • straight & profiled grinding wheels
  • gear grinding wheels
  • wire saw beads
  • dental burrs
  • dicing blades
  • flexible discs
  • finishing strips on steel foil
  • glass grinding cones - male & female
  • stone grinding wheels
  • etc., etc., etc
The process steps required for each tool will be different and these include:


  • Pre-treatment plants - for steel, aluminium or carbide substrates
  • Diamond electro-plating plants - to tack down and hold the abrasive
  • Reverse plating plants
  • Stripping plants to recover bodies and diamond
  • Varnishing systems - to control where plating talkes palce
  • Diamond coating control systems - to control the process 
  • Special equipment for dental tools - handling systems etc

                                    Contact for further details.