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CNC Radius Grinding Machine for PCD/PcBN
The RG9 CNC machine has the same robust construction as the manual RG5B-XD machine. It has 5 CNC axes as standard and 3 CNC camera axes. Optional linear and rotational indexing axes can be added as described below.


Programming example screen

The machine is very simple to operate and uses a step by step menu driven process. When required, the vision system is able to check the position and measure the tool before and after grinding. For example:  
  • Check tool body position and move linear and pivot axes to correct any misalignement on mounting
    check PCD blank position and so avoid crashes. Rapid traverse wheel to 25 micron from highest point on tool before grinding feed rate starts
  • measure ground edge position to +/- 2 microns accuracy; loop for more grinding if required 


Example 1 - Chamfering a PcBN tool  

PcBN tipped tools can be ground and chamfered in one operation. Once the edges and radius has been ground, the vision system will check for braze thickness errors and will then rock the tool against the wheel to produce the chamfer.

Example 2 - Helical grinding a PCD end mill 

The linear LM100 & rotary RM130 axes can be run simultaneously so enabling helical grinding of tools.   

Optional Linear & Rotary Axes

The CNC LM100 linear axis sits on top of the pivot table. The CNC RM130 rotary axis sits on top of the LM50.
The RM130 can be fitted with various adapters such as
  • Hydraulic chuck up to 32mm
  • HSK adapters
  • ISO adapters
  • Morse adapters

Programmed Dressing 

Wheel dressing is by an aluminium oxide cup wheel and is under CNC control as part of the tool program.


                                    Contact for further details.