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Balancing Machines

Dynamic balancing machines are needed to avoid vibrations in many situations:
  • Grinding wheel
  • Rotary cutters
  • Scaife plates
  • spindles and shafts
  • engine components
A dynamic balancer can be either "single plane" or "two plane" or even "Portable"
DB2 - Single Plane Balancer

Use a single plane balancer for relatively flat components such as:
  • grinding wheels
  • scaife plates
  • short cutters


The machine is simple to operate and will show the angular position of the weigh in grams or milligrams which needs to be added (or removed) by drilling 
DB3 - Two Plane Balancer

You will need a two plane balancer for longer componets. This will determine the out-of-balance in planes 'left' and 'right'' and the weight which must be added or removed. 

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