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Edge Brushing Machines for PCD/PcBN tools
Brushing (edge honing) of PcBN and more recently PCD edges is now considered an essential final step in making ultra-hard cutting tools. Many companies have reported that that brushing increases tool life by a factor of 2 or 3 times.

Brushing removes the extreme sharpness produced by grinding.  The process also polishes away the grinding scratches. On brittle materials, scratches act as stress risers and so can make the edge prone to edge chipping.  Brushing gives a conditioned, slightly rounded and stronger edge which is much more stable in use.   
 BM2B and BM3B - Brushing Machines

The Coborn BM2B brushing machine has a work table fitted with three carrier stations for indexable inserts (shown above).
The BM3B has a work table fitted with one carrier station. The work table and carrier stations rotate in a complex planetary motion. This ensures uniform edge hones are produced.
The machine is fitted with a natural bristle brush which is loaded with a natural grease called 'tallow' into which some 6-12micron diamond powder has been added.  The brush/motor assembly is lowered to the required working height so the bristles work on the edges of the tools in the carrier plates.  
Brushing time and brushing speed

Brush speed is varaiable and timers control the brushing time.
The direction of rotation of the brush can also be reversed via timers to ensure the bristles of the brush do not become distorted in one direction.  
Brushing height

The height of the brush relative to the top the the tools being brushed can be adjusted by raising and lowering the motor brush assembly according to a scale.  This governs the brush pressure and thus the hone depth. 
Brushing time

The time of brushing governs the width of the hone on the edge.
The best hone profile is found by experimenting with different times and pressures. Since PCD and PcBN grades have different hardness exact times and pressures cannot be given but typically brushing PcBN takes seconds rather than minutes. Click this link for a video of a brushing machine on YouTube. 

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