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Active braze alloy

Braze alloys used for brazing PCD cannot be used to braze single crystals of diamond as they do not 'wet' diamond. A reactive or 'active' braze alloy is needed. 


These alloys contain a small percentage of titanium metal.  When heated, the carrier alloy melts and bonds to the tool substrate which should be molybdenum or cemented carbide. 


The free titanium reacts with the diamond surface forming titanium carbide (TiC).  It is this reaction layer which gives the bond to the diamond.

Active braze alloy

The alloy is supplied in strip form - 1000mm x 20mm x 0.05mm.  This is a 10 gram coil.  Only a very small amount is needed for each tool. The alloy can be used in either vacuum brazing systems or in inert gas brazing machines such as the DLA2500.
The braze alloy melts at 910 degrees C.  
 Braze pastes are recommended for use with the High Speed Braze machine.  

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